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- Awakening of Senses - 30 mn - 49€
Relaxing massage with the aroma of tea and grapefruit giving a feeling of softness where mind listening to the body.
- Serenity - 60 mn - 75€
Beneficient massage from the feet to the face. The fragrances of frangipani awaken the senses and invite to a great moment of serenity.
- Back to Kashmir - 60 mn - 75€
A Hindou traditional, rhythmic and deep massage it rebalances the body and raises the flow of energy. The Abhyanga immerses your body and your mind in perfect harmony.
- Back to Raiatea - 60 mn - 75€
Inspired by the hawaiian know-how, the "Lomi-Lomi" massage spreads this pleasant sensation "Mana" connecting your body, your heart and your soul to the source of life. This care practiced with the forearms is as fluid and bewitching as the graceful dance of the waves.
- Udvartana - 60 mn - 75€
This energetic massage is performed with chickpea flour and ayurvedic plants. This traditional Indian massage cleanses, tightens the skin and refines the silhouette.