Spa de l'hôtel Les Mouettes à Argelès-sur-Mer

Per la vostra comodità, la Spa è aperta tutti i giorni dalle 10 alle 21 (solo su appuntamento perché è privata).

Troverete un hammam, una jacuzzi interna, una doccia a getto, una doccia cromoterapica, una sala relax e due cabine per massaggi, rituali e trattamenti per il viso.

Il prezzo di ingresso alla spa, compresa un'ora di accesso alla spa privata, il prestito di pantofole, accappatoi e asciugamani è

  • 40 € per 2 persone (30 € per 1 persona) per gli ospiti che hanno prenotato il loro alloggio per telefono o sul sito web dell'hotel
  • 45 € per 2 persone (35 € per 1 persona) per gli ospiti che hanno prenotato il loro alloggio attraverso un sito web di terzi
  • 50 € per 2 persone (40 € per 1 persona) per gli ospiti che non soggiornano nell'hotel

Le tariffe per i massaggi, i rituali e i trattamenti per il viso sono riportate di seguito (10% di sconto per prenotazioni effettuate almeno 7 giorni prima dell'arrivo)

È disponibile un'offerta che combina l'ingresso alla spa e il massaggio:

  • Solo: 60 minuti per 69€ (30 minuti di accesso alla spa e 30 minuti di massaggio)
  • Duo: 90 minuti per 119€ (30 minuti di accesso alla spa come duo seguito da 2 massaggi di 30 minuti uno dopo l'altro) 
Massage à l'hôtel Les Mouettes à Argelès-sur-Mer


The Serenity - 45 mn - 65€ / 60 mn - 80€ / 90 mn - 120€

A true invitation to sleep, this intuitive massage combines wrapping touches and fluid smoothing with firmer maneuvers that aim to soothe deeper tensions. And it is your whole body that fully relaxes to the “frangipani” effluvia.

Deep Tissue Massage - 60 mn - 80€

Massage characterized by slow but deep gestures, targeted on the muscles and connective tissues. These movements make it possible to release tensions, thanks to the contact of a firm hand on the muscles, until they regain all their flexibility.

Kashmir - 60 mn - 80€

Massage inspired by traditional Ayurvedic medicine with sacred cedar and juniper oils, Abhyanga removes physical and mental toxins combining sweeping and percussion movements to plunge the body and mind in perfect harmony.

Balinais - 60 mn - 80€

This massage brings harmony and perfect balance between body and mind. This applied movements aim to softness, relaxation, tone and energy. The body revitalized, the muscles are relaxed

The Ayurveda 

Ancestral health discipline in India for 5000 years, recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization), the Ayurveda is a science, an art of living and a philosophy.

The Abhyanga massage - 60 mn - 90€

The Abhyanga or Snehana massage (literally oleation) has virtues that go beyond the simple relaxing and toning effect.

  • It acts in the first place on the release of Ama, the physical and emotional toxins that obstruct the circulation of Prana, the vital breath. By releasing toxins, it lightens body and mind. 
  • It rebalances the Prana and the three doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha, these three forces that interact and are constantly moving in the body.
  • This process of detoxification allows better circulation of body fluids, stimulates digestion, works favorably on joints, tones muscles, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, the capacity for self-healing.
  • Abhyanga promotes the secretion of endorphine, wellness hormone and lowers the secretion of adrenaline, stress hormone, it soothes the nervous system, improves stress resistance, it brings serenity, relieves insomnia, positive effects on depressive states, fatigue...

Indian trip - 120 mn - 159€

Multi sensory travel with the aroma of sandalwood and saffron bio, this hindou epic begins with a stream room, followed by a scrub and a massage from the Ayurvedic medicine and it ends with a face care.


Massage à l'hôtel Les Mouettes à Argelès-sur-Mer


Face care probiotics - 75 mn - 80€ 

Probiotics are living micro-organisms that act on the good bacteria in our skin. On their own, they form a protective barrier against external aggressions, inflammations and infections of our daily life, such as pollution and stress. Our range of facial treatments with probiotics help prevent rashes such as acne and dermatitis. Likewise, by limiting inflammation, they have the function of repairing, soothing, protecting and slowing down cellular aging. 

Safran - 75 mn - 80€

Customized face care with Safran. Natural product, anti wrinkle, it is suitable for mast skin and will bring you firming. It will begin with a modelling of the back, wrapping the shoulders and neck, immersing you immediately in relaxation. A modelling of the face and scalp, as well as a modelling of the hands will be provided.

Anti-aging Japanese Modelling - 40 mn - 65 €

Asian massage, Japanese anti-aging facial massage, stimulates cutaneous micro-circulation and lymphatic flow, for a better nutrient intake to cells and drainage of metabolic waste. Hence this effect of "plumped face" and complexion lightened at the end of the treatment. But it also has an action on the skin tissue, which it firms, and on the muscles it relaxes in order to smooth the wrinkles of expression. Finally he tones the face and gives it all its shape.

Massage - 25 mn - 45


Massage relaxant à l'hôtel Les Mouettes à Argelès-sur-Mer

Trattamenti per il corpo

Ancestral Berber ritual - 120 mn - 149

Travel to the heart of the Berber tradition thanks to the true ceremonial cleansing of the body. Let yourself be lulled by the beneficient vapors of the hammam, a kessa glove expoliation, a purifying body wrap of Rhassoul and a deeply relaxing oil massage. 

Special back relaxed - 45 mn - 65€ 

After a purifying scrub, the algoserum diffuses its beneficial and its soothing warmth. The final modeling, with its slow and deep movement, remove one by one the tensions from the neck, shoulders, nape and the back. A real moment of letting go.

Fonte di splendore - 60 mn - 99€

Un concentrato di morbidezza e luminosità grazie al nostro trattamento viso "Probiotico" (30min) seguito da un massaggio rilassante (30min) sulla parte posteriore del corpo. Un vero invito al relax... 

Honey Dream - 90 mn - 129€ (solo in francese)

Coccola il tuo corpo con il nostro scrub allo zucchero seguito da un impacco al miele e modellando, la tua pelle è intensamente nutrita. Un bozzolo di morbidezza per evacuare la fatica.